Wednesday, March 5, 2008

more Thoughts of Ionesco

this may be my first double for a band i've posted yet this far on this blog. the first time i mentioned Thoughts of Ionesco was here.

sean, nathan, and brian. i've never seen an audience as frightened as when at Thoughts of Ionesco shows. i think i saw them three times during their years together - once in davenport, next in iowa city, and once more in chicago. the chicago show was at the fireside. sean ran full speed, head-first, into the wall stage right. evidently, that's nothing; there were usually broken bottles and blood added into the chaos. i got to know sean and nathan a slight bit, because i have done three of their album covers for them:

very smart gentleman, but always a hint of madness. i think the guys got sick of the "pure unleashed emotion" type of reviews, but how else can you describe them? enjoy.

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