Thursday, November 19, 2009

a little further along...

the large canvas is moving along decently well:

the small paintings on paper are slower:

i recently received an order of that 20 x 32 inch drawing paper i love, so there will be more "josephine" drawings soon
here are some from the earlier lot:
i've already started working on one, and it's a lot more dense, and kind of "wind-blown."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

solo show next spring

i recently received word that i will be having a solo show next spring, probably spanning the months of april and may. the gallery is the midcoast space a bucktown — the nice raw-ish, exposed brick gallery on the second floor. i haven't had a solo show in my hometown since my moves around the midwest started back in the late 90s, so this should be very fun. the space is large, and i have decided the show will consist of the pieces from Amelia and Josephine, along with several floor pieces from a few years back, and whatever new work i make between now and then.

and speaking of that, here are some new pieces that i've just barely begun...