Sunday, December 21, 2008

revamped chloe

i made some changes to the painting chloe today in the studio. i really thought it was a poor painting, and i hope the things i did make me happier in the days between now and the solo show in the summer. here's a link to the old version, and here is what the painting looks like now:

© matt pulford
oil on canvas
36 x 36 inches

as you can see, i've pushed it a lot further into this new direction i'm taking, so it now fits in more with the newest body of paintings. conversely, there was a painting i finished earlier this year that i will strip down a bit, and push the opposite way. more on that later.

more new work

a short while back i posted some finished new pieces, and one of them (amelia and fiver) was a new direction for me. i've decided to work on several new painting that follow its lead, and thought i'd share a very unfinished second piece from that vein.

there's the same dreamlike look to it, where in my head i've laid out this other-worldy, oddball sky scene that has little magic blankets flying in and out of other little ditties in the air. you know - watching my little newborn daughter dream again; imagining her in these traveling scenes. strange. it's about 32" tall by 47" wide. acrylic. it's probably only 20% finished. there are still more elements that will fill the composition, and a lot of finishing up on the quiltwork needs to be done. here's a detail of some of the busy spot in the lower left:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas in Hollis

best xmas present ever. big thanks to chao & gerd.

let's make my posting of this video an annual tradition.