Thursday, February 26, 2009

pushing the paint around

just the other day (in the post below) i alluded to the gradual change this painting has been going through. now after tonight's studio session, i finally feel like i have it at a good half way point, or maybe 2/3rds point. like i said, it didn't get there through the addition of painted elements; it got there through the removal of one giant fuckup of a decision. and the neat thing about that is, it's not maddening at all. it's actually quite wonderful. it seems that lately i'd rather be happy with a piece i've slowly crawled through all winter, rather than with one that took merely a few nights to nail.


so, here are some images taken tonight, showing where things currently are. sometime soon i hope to have it finished. when i do, i'll post (possibly) final images.

one last note - also in the works right now are a series of very sparse, light-as-a-feather woodcuts, with my little grass blades drawn over the top of the printed ink portions. i'm excited about them.

Monday, February 23, 2009

another update on the new work

i've pushed a recent paining through an awful lot of work this winter. hours and hours of late weeknight sessions, trying to get stuff looking good. and then, this weekend, i took yet another step back to reflect on how things looked, and suddenly realized all the hours i put into certain elements within the painting needed to be erased, forgotten, thrown out. funny how that works. so, unlike i've ever done before, i'm painting over entire areas of what i had going. sometime soon i'll post an image that shows where this is at now. the beginnings of the quiltwork that are pictured somewhat lower-left grew into a monstrous behemoth, and i decided it looked awful and had to go (or at least get pushed back to almost entirely covered up by whisps of atmospheric whites and creams). you'll see what i mean soon.

in a few weeks, i'll be hosting two artists over for dinner and for a critique of this new work. i've been preparing for my solo show in a complete vacuum, and i need some peer feedback on how things will look together in one room. maybe i'll take some pics of things placed near each other, for a contextual "preview" of what i have planned for this july.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Nowhere Close to Normal" exhibit now in Denver

the traveling exhibit "Nowhere Close to Normal" is currently up at the Red Delicious Press Gallery in Denver, Colorado. for some old-posts information on this show, go here.

here are images from denver:

In a short amount of time, this exhibit will also travel to Hays, Kansas. I'm being told we're actually going to show in a raw space that is part of a business located in a warehouse-ey district. The business constructed a large white wall for us, and i'm hoping we're surrounded by exposed brick (i always enjoy that feel in an exhibition space). also, , we will be a stop on a city-wide art walk, so that's cool. whenever that leg of the tour gets installed, i'll share more photos.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


it was already shaping up to be a pretty rough 2009.
then we go and get the awful news about a friend.

we'll all miss your snarky sense of humor, karin. chad, we're here for you - anytime, anywhere, with an open ear and our love.

***update 2/16/09: chad has a beautiful post on their site: