Tuesday, June 1, 2010

two lists

my wife and i always have an ongoing list of projects we'd like to do around the house. the list has been around for a few years now, and it moves around the house - sometimes on top of the computer desk, other times downstairs, and usually within a bedroom night stand drawer.

its current state, with an "XX" indicating the item being crossed off:

XX fix washer and dryer
build bookshelf by computer
move side yard fence 12 feet
XX paint outside brick by porch
XX buy computer desk
fix bedroom outlet
buy living room chair
XX buy computer chair
big project - sun room window installation
XX buy flat screen tv
new shower hardware
recycled rain water kit?
XX paint guest room
sand/refinish master bedroom dresser

as you can see, it's typical stuff you would guess you'd see with a family like ours - people who just bought their home 3 years ago. all of these items are enjoyable "projects," and now we have the money to take care of these things, but i haven't had any free time in the world to do anything lately, because i'm now working a job that demands 6 days a week, at a total of about 54 hours each week. it's absolutely awful.

so now, if i had to write a to-do list, it would be pitiful and look like this:

play guitar
art studio time
video games with the guys
art museum / zoo / children's museum visits
time by myself, doing nothing at effing all
trips to the farms to go fishing and see the family

working is for chumps. my life is flying by too quickly.