Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Quad City Vintage Rods car show

an occasional sidebar from the usual art & music posts here...
this past sunday, my dad and i hit up Black Hawk College for our annual man-date - the Quad City Vintage Rods car show. the turnout seemed smaller than years prior, but i overheard that there were still over 300 cars. i took twice as many photos as i did last time; sorry if it's overkill. first off, my dream suite - some of the 55, 56, and 57 chevy cars that were on hand. click on any thumbnail for a larger view...

when i was 15 i worked at an auto body shop as an errand kid who swept up and stuff. that shop painted this car. it's my dream to own a '55 like this in yellow & white:

in my opinion, the goddamn classiest thing in the show. '56 bel air hardtop, all restored original:

a '57 nomad. we have a friend who is almost finished with a '55 nomad. love 'em.

a duo of street rods owned by a married couple whom my dad has known for at least my entire lifetime. husband's:


the elusive Willy's Coupe (a '34?...). this was to be my pops' last project, but his 4 back surgeries throughout the last 15 years have halted that. sucks. i had never seen one in person before, and i was really intrigued by the sheetmetal work on the rear of the car - see the spot for the spare tire?

enough of my ramblings; here's the rest of the roll: