Friday, September 2, 2011

i'm back.

i suppose i'm coming back from a hiatus of sorts - the main reason for my absence is that i'm now a proud father of a 3 month old.

my daughers rock; studio time had to wait for a while.

so... i've finally caught up a bit on some of the work that was started several months ago. I'll be in a group show this November/December, and most of this new work will be shown when that time rolls around. here's a new painting, followed by a new drawing. i'm a little worn out by painting lately, and i'm not sure how to accurately describe it. things seem a little forced to stay within the boundaries of what i've done so far with this "series," but the more i try to push out of that mold, the more things come full-circle back to what's comfortable. the drawings, on the other hand, are not that different from what i've been doing for the last 6 or 7 years, but they still feel fresh. funny, eh?

here you go:

all gossamer, temporary
acrylic on canvas
46 x 34 inches

pencil on paper
32 x 20 inches