Thursday, February 26, 2009

pushing the paint around

just the other day (in the post below) i alluded to the gradual change this painting has been going through. now after tonight's studio session, i finally feel like i have it at a good half way point, or maybe 2/3rds point. like i said, it didn't get there through the addition of painted elements; it got there through the removal of one giant fuckup of a decision. and the neat thing about that is, it's not maddening at all. it's actually quite wonderful. it seems that lately i'd rather be happy with a piece i've slowly crawled through all winter, rather than with one that took merely a few nights to nail.


so, here are some images taken tonight, showing where things currently are. sometime soon i hope to have it finished. when i do, i'll post (possibly) final images.

one last note - also in the works right now are a series of very sparse, light-as-a-feather woodcuts, with my little grass blades drawn over the top of the printed ink portions. i'm excited about them.

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