Monday, February 23, 2009

another update on the new work

i've pushed a recent paining through an awful lot of work this winter. hours and hours of late weeknight sessions, trying to get stuff looking good. and then, this weekend, i took yet another step back to reflect on how things looked, and suddenly realized all the hours i put into certain elements within the painting needed to be erased, forgotten, thrown out. funny how that works. so, unlike i've ever done before, i'm painting over entire areas of what i had going. sometime soon i'll post an image that shows where this is at now. the beginnings of the quiltwork that are pictured somewhat lower-left grew into a monstrous behemoth, and i decided it looked awful and had to go (or at least get pushed back to almost entirely covered up by whisps of atmospheric whites and creams). you'll see what i mean soon.

in a few weeks, i'll be hosting two artists over for dinner and for a critique of this new work. i've been preparing for my solo show in a complete vacuum, and i need some peer feedback on how things will look together in one room. maybe i'll take some pics of things placed near each other, for a contextual "preview" of what i have planned for this july.

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