Monday, March 10, 2008

interesting new music

went to see a show last night. The Crinn headlined, from St Paul, MN. i was really impressed by the guitarist and bassist, and liked that out of all 6 of the bands that played that night, their drummer had the most stripped down kit, yet knew how to play it tenfold over the other bands' drummers. the sound? really technical "neo-prog metal" (labels...) that had metalcore / screamo vocals. the guys had two CDs sold together for five bucks total, so i got both. there is quite a difference between the two; it seems that a different vocalist (and possibly drummer) were involved with one recording, and i don't care for it. it's far too different vocally - i don't care to try to explain how. just isn't my thing. but the latest stuff, with the newer vocalist... man... i've listened to it 3 times all the way through in 24 hours and i'm very impressed. the shit makes me realize just how mediocre of a guitar player i am. i get the same feeling listening to it as i do when i go watch the bmx'ers that are 15 years younger than me at the downtown skatepark. envy.

anyways, nothing online by them is terribly new, but there is some footage of the band practicing. give this a shot - it seems to be "Slaughter, War, and Guillotine" (of course, without any vocals). check out the doom breakdown at about an even 2:00 in. nice... very nice. and hey - if you do happen to click on the similar videos that follow after this one runs completely through, beware the live one - it's of the previous singer i do not care for.

band web site is on myspace here.

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