Thursday, October 25, 2007

and so it goes

every year when autumn comes, i get more active in the studio. for the last five nights in a row, most of my time has been spent down there, working on several things at once. but it never fails. everything i began last week has gradually turned to shit.

for the last couple years, i honestly think i've made maybe one or two interesting works of art. this is something i can't seem to shake, and it's downright maddening. i literally smacked my head into a wall down there the other night, out of an intense frustration and need for a release. it just ain't happening, and it sucks.

regardless, it feels good to work and work and work at getting things right. a friend of mine and fellow artist once likened the relationship he has with his work to one similar to some bizarre addiction - you keep working and working at it, no matter how brutally it drains you. see the little red item on the floor? this might end up working very soon. stay tuned for details.

oh, and i might ad, i think it interesting to say there's no doubt i've been listening to tons of Thoughts of Ionesco while down there.
very suiting.


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nobody loves him
randy is dead
nosebleed thief
became his any night (?)

one shot at everything
a wound that fails to scab
the child in him is bleeding
as the man stabs

but that's not my fave on the album. i love the duo of "Martyr" and "Chronicle." it sounds so childishly stupid and cliche, but that album changed my life.