Saturday, October 20, 2007

Black Hawk College Car Show 2007

I've told a few people I was thinking about posting pics of my favorite cars from the Quad City's Vintage Rods show a few weekends back. I've always been partial to 55, 56, & 57 chevys and 60s-era chevelles, but as i've hit my early 30s, more and more streed rods have caught my eye. As always, click on these images for a larger view. Here you go...

A very clean and well-done 39 Ford:

I believe this is a '41 Willys (not sure about the year). After our '56 chevy was done for many years, my dad always wanted one of these as a project car. We never got around to it because of his multiple back surgeries:

a '67 Chevelle SS with a narrowed rear end underneath. If I have this correctly, this car was garaged in a home right by my friend Kevin's house - not far from where I grew up. I could be wrong, but I think the father died, and a guy my age took the car on as a project in his dad's memory.

A nice '67 Chevelle SS. I don't know the history of this car.

Just a simple, clean '66 Nova I liked. I'm more into the 67 design, but the two years are very similar. When I first downloaded this image off my camera, I laughed out loud. Look just above the roof. It looks like there's a mini-me version of my dad mounted to it, but he's just in the background wondering where his hotdog is.

It's gotta be Steve Doye's '55:

And finally, this rod. like i said, i'm not well-versed in early 30s cars. this must be a '32 or so, 5-window ford coupe, with what looks like a stretched front end. if anyone knows better, let me know. regardless to say, it blew a lot of people away. wow:


cruiser said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Anonymous said...

that botton 1930's ford looks a bunch like the one Kev's dad is working on. He was just about to give up on it then we saw a beautiful one finished at a car show- two toned icy blue and deep metallic smoke blue on the top. The deeper color on the top makes it appear more chopped without having to go to all the trouble. Amazing. Thanks for the pics!