Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Freaks Come Out

thanks tons to everyone who came over and partied. it was much more fun than we had even hoped. seriously - thanks. the food, drinks, and laughs were all superb. i can't decide which pic i like more:

it's official, i'm hungover.


a few attendees forwarded more pics. here's a couple other faves...

and also, while talking about the party today, we think we're going to try and get back on bed jump dot com . I was thinking it might be a good idea to bring my Blinky costume to Bloomington-Normal for the 11th Annual Coach and Jeremy Birthday Bash. If I could manage to get some decent air on a bed, it could make a good photo for the site. We'll see if it works. If you want to see the first time we made it on the site, click here.


Chad said...

You'd better practice your costume jump before you get there. We also have to make sure we get the photo BEFORE Coach breaks the bed... again... ha ha

Matt said...

no way. i have a feeling we'll get a small number of jumps before the costume is trashed. no practice runs. simply rock and roll right off the bat.

Maat B' Oenito said...

The bed jump picture is great . . . the look of concentration is intense, like you're trying to make your liver explode or something.