Saturday, December 29, 2007

quiet. plus more Fugazi.

it's been snowing quite often lately; seems like more than usual for a midwestern december. we have a rabbit we've seen grow from a little one, and i nicknamed it Fiver - named after my favorite rabbit from the book Watership Down. Fiver was hanging out the other night at about 10:00. it was snowing heavily, and everything was a blanket of white under what seemed to be a full moon. actually, it was christmas. it was christmas, late, i was alone, and little Fiver was hanging out eating some grass in the moonlight. for some ridiculous reason, that struck a bittersweet chord within me.

not much on the art front to post. An old friend Jessica Benjamin has a show up soon at the McLean County Arts Center. Here's her main site here. I still have yet to talk to Tim about his almost-done-with-MFA work (when that phone call happens, I'll probably post some pics if it's cool with him).

here's some Fugazi. "Shut The Door." ...have you ever been free?

by the way, I honestly love brendan tons... but if i ever had a chance to talk to him near his drum set, i think i might drop kick that fucking cowbell into some alternate universe where he could never touch it again.


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