Monday, December 17, 2007

new painting soon

an unfinished piece, untitled as of yet. all images © matt pulford.
click on images for a larger view.

detail of piece

if you're a friend and/or happen to follow my work, a new painting will be on the artist site soon. since i've started on this new piece, i've felt so-so about it. however, the process has been extremely fulfilling. i haven't sat and painted like this in a long time - taking my time, pensively thinking and truly looking a lot. paying attention to wetness/dryness. screwing up, re-working, and screwing up again. it's very humbling, and that's good.

aside from the care i'm giving this time around, it's still very loose, like the pushing around of a thin monotype / litho ink. i guess my love of JMW Turner still shines through, even after 10 years of this subject matter and style of mine. ah well. i love the guy.

hopefully i'll be "finished-ly" happy with this in a week or so.

tim emailed a bunch of work from his 3rd year of grad school up at the university of minnesota. if i get his okay, i'll post some pics of a large installation he did in the grad crit space. he's unsure about it; i think it's really progressed a lot since his undergrad days (and even back then his work was interesting).


Chao said...

It looks fantastic, brother. And thebest part is... it matches the pieces I already own...

Matt said...

thanks, chad. i'm mostly feeling good about it. the color in the photos is awful - i won't set up the proper studio photography lights until it's finished.

while other pieces might still go to chicago, B-N, and a couple places in canada, this type of work will be staying local a lot more now. you'll be able to see it in person sometime.

...maybe even smashed over your head - OH SNAP!