Monday, December 3, 2007

Bed Jump, part two.

Chad, Coach and I went to B-N a couple weekends back for the 11th annual coach and jeremy birthday bash. we bedjumped with my halloween costume, and we got on the site again. click here for the official site or just check out the images below. coach is the jumper in the blue side of blinky. i'm the red-sided one. when trying to get a good final shot, i flew forward off the bed and slammed my head into the wall. i couldn't move to get out of the suit, and i guess my feet kicked and kicked. the mental image makes me laugh a bit, but the real thing made chad laugh so much that he actually had to leave the room because he almost shit his pants.

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chao said...

I tried to take a second photo from when he went over the side of the bed, but I was laughing so heard, I felt something peek out. I immediately extricated myself from the room and found my own room... close call.