Wednesday, January 9, 2008

group show brewing + bill conger

i wanted to post some work by friend and ex-coworker bill conger. for the last nine months or so, i've been working on curating up a group show of work by artists like bill - meaning, people with ties to ISU, or the artist's group The Sophisticated Traveler. actually, i want to include two artists from outside this loosely affiliated group. one whom i've met within the last year, who comes from florida, and another, whom i've not yet met, who is finishing up grad school at northern illinois.

but back to bill... here's an assortment of my favorite pieces of his throughout the years. all works are © Bill Conger, 2004-2007

candle, photograph of sunset.

shit luck
acrylic on paper

Psyche and Cupid
paper, coal, magnets, on unprimed canvas



wife's t-shirt, miniature boat

and finally, of course, this crazy-ass birthday cake hat atop a skull. brilliant.

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