Sunday, August 5, 2007

White Whale, Holy Grail

Coach and Chad introduced me to Mastodon about 5 years ago, maybe 6, after they had received a demo CD at their radio station show. We first saw them at The Metro in chicago, as one of a few opening acts for Dillinger Escape Plan. Mastodon was amazing, and I was hooked on them right off the bat (by the way, dillinger escape plan "made me want to kill" because of the pure hatred I feel for that bandful of arrogant, egotistical pieces of shit. a whooooole other story about what happened that night). Then we saw them a year or so later, at the more intimate, smelly, punk-rock Fireside Bowl in chicago. The last time I saw them was at a show at... that other place in chicago that closed down... on Belmont, right by the red line... can't... remember.... regardless, they're super nice guys - i talked to them as they drank beers amongst the people there to see them.

"Mother Puncher" first, "Workhorse" second. awww, hell with it - one more - "I Am Ahab" last.

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