Monday, August 27, 2007

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

I caught a very interesting show on PBS tonight. It was called The Anti-Americans and it showcased British, Polish, and French peoples' (from a wide range of backgrounds) opinions of America — their thoughts on our leaders and our common folk. From some pretty spot-on critiques to a charming story about a Polish cowboy in love with John Wayne-ish americana, it was quite good.

But instead of sitting and fumbling over a half-assed post about my thoughts, I figured I'd link to yet more music. It's not quite unrelated, however...

Nick Cave. "God is in the House."

Tongue-in-cheek brilliance:

"...Homos roaming the streets in packs
Queer bashers with tire-jacks
Lesbian counter-attacks
That stuff is for the big cities
Our town is very pretty
We have a pretty little square
We have a woman for a mayor
Our policy is firm but fair
Now that God is in the house
God is in the house
God is in the house
Any day now He'll come out
God is in the house

Well-meaning little therapists
Goose-stepping twelve-stepping Tetotalitarianists
The tipsy, the reeling and the drop down pissed
We got no time for that stuff here
Zero crime and no fear
We've bred all our kittens white
So you can see them in the night
And at night we're on our knees
As quiet as a mouse
Since the word got out
From the North down to the South
For no-one's left in doubt
There's no fear about
If we all hold hands and very quietly shout
God is in the house
God is in the house
Oh I wish He would come out
God is in the house"

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