Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day of the Baphomets

when all the buzz about The Mars Volta came several years back, I checked them out and really wasn't too into them. but my tastes must have changed slightly, because after hearing their Deloused in the Comatorium album a lot at work over the last year, i started liking a few of their songs quite a bit.

here's something newer that i dig. a lot. angular and dischordant, sometimes noisey and sometimes a hand-clapping latin drumming bridge. you can't make this shit up. live music on television should be more like this - not like the absurd posturings of fuckheads like avril levigne or fall out boy.

The Mars Volta, Day of the Baphomets, live on the Rollins show:

part one.
(there's a "death march" breakdown at about 2:30 remaining)

part two.

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