Monday, July 23, 2007

another trip down memory lane

on the way home from minneapolis this weekend, Coach and i listened to living colour's "time's up." we talked about how blown away by the band we were as junior high/early high school kids. corey has some LUNGS. and vernon is pretty phenomenal, even if his style was a little too bizarre and well, "avante guard/jazz-fusion-ey" for us back then. we never sit and critique guitar solos because, to me, sitting and discussing that shit is kind of uppity-lame. nevertheless, suffice it to say in a more visceral way, living colour always hit us in the gut back then. (oh - and Coach, my wife, and i met corey glover about a month ago when we saw him play Judas in jesus christ superstar. friggin AMAZING).

here's some live stuff. i think 1989 and 1991, respectively.


Chao said...

It's good that you drove through Dubuque then on your way home. ha ha

Matt said...

"hey, Coach?... were did 380 go?..."
"ummmm.... it... ummm... hey, let's go to the field of dreams."