Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Summer Car Shows

I saw this car at the Quad City Cruisers show at Southpark mall a few weeks back, but somehow have forgotten about it since then. I initially walked up to it because I was grabbing pics of nice 55, 56, and 57s, (my dad had a '5 and a '6), but not until a few seconds in did I realize I was looking at a 210 *hardtop* (usually you see 210 posts or bel air hardtops). I called my dad and told him about what I was standing in front of, and how it was the perfect mix of a few street mods and a few things left alone (cragar rims, but original steering wheel, for example). He sounded skeptical, and quizzed me on telltale signs between a hardtop and a "post." And I was right. A very cool, 1956 chevy 2-door, 210 hardtop. He has a book with the production numbers of these cars, and this was somewhat of a rare or unpopular style.

Enjoy the pics.

my dad's had the same side moulding, but was not two-tone. it was painted candy apple red, had wide tires underneath, and a whole list of very strong street machine mods (355 smallblock, Dyer's 6-71 supercharger, narrowed Ford 9 inch rear end with 4.11 gear ratio, etc etc).

I'm curious if most of these cars get it right like this fella did - the original white is a slight cream color called "India Ivory." The '56 chevy had a hidden gas tank behind the tail light. However, I'm not sure if it was the driver or passenger side. Any pros out there?

Exactly how I want the interior of my dream, a future '55.


Chao said...

If you're not careful, somebody might mistake you for being a man's man... I'm impressed...

Anonymous said...

The gas tank was hidden behind the driver's side tail light housing.