Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Steve Amos

an old friend Steve Amos is writing nice blog posts in that "conversation with myself" tone — words about his art and the inner-workings of the world of the artist's studio. in a world filled with horseshit artist statements that are usually far too busy and filled with twenty-five cent word flair, i like reading his thoughts as he writes to figure shit out. it was just this past weekend that my wife and i were saying we enjoy simple, honest discourse when it comes to talking about one's own work. if you enjoy it too, i suggest you check it out:

it's of note that steve is someone i went to school with from 2nd grade until the first two years of college, and it's funny to me that two kids from our neighborhood grew up to be "professional" artists who live or have lived in chicago.

steve's art web site is here:

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