Tuesday, June 23, 2009

long time coming

first off, here's a new print/painting hybrid i finished this week. even though it's part of a larger body of work that i'm close to being happy with, but not totally "there" yet, i am pleased with where i'm taking things:

acrylic paint & relief print on paper
30 x 22 inches
© matt pulford

next, after several months of having it on my mind and working on it here and there, i finally finished the piece i mentioned in the latter parts of this post.

it's funny to me because i can see it in two distinct readings. one take never really goes into that ridiculously "evil" realm i once thought it might; rather, it comes about as one of the more dark-yet-respectable pieces (as in, here is someone's ashes — a loved one?... a family member?...). but in another more honest light, it definitely does stem from an intense abhorrence (as in, a title that cues viewers into the act of standing over someone that was purposely incinerated), even if it is a minimal, pulled-back piece. at this point in time, i'm decently happy with it.

your cold death ash
2008 - 2009
painted sawdust, plywood
variable dimensions
© matt pulford


1 comment:

Tor Hershman said...

I like "Your Cold Death" reminds me of moi's "The End's Ending."

I fact, it would've made a great last shot for TEE.