Monday, March 16, 2009

Punch Gallery, Seattle

sometimes nice little gems fall from out of the sky, and into my lap. Punch Gallery in Seattle wants a couple pieces of mine for a group show:

sounds like a very fun space that runs in the vein of the chicago model i adore - a collaborative DIY effort that happens to come off as quite professional. i hope this goes well, because if so, i may in turn invite some of these artists to future show ideas out here in iowa.

but back to the show... the thematic current throughout everything will be a "reverence of and joy found from heavy metal music." awesome. you can probably imagine what they want me to loan them:

well, that's the newest news going around this week. this weekend i am making dinner for a couple artist-friends, and asking them to critique my proposed selections of work for my solo show this summer. should be fun. i'll take pics of things all together, and possibly some individual shots of new pieces - whether finished or not.

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