Friday, March 20, 2009

the collection arrives...

unless your head has been in the sand for a year, you know the horrible flooding that most of Iowa dealt with last summer has lead to a lot of the University of Iowa's Art Museum collection being packed up and shipped from temporary storage in Chicago to a short-term (few years) loan to Davenport's very own Figge Art Museum. i'm stoked to see some of these pieces hang on walls just 5 minutes from my front door.

here's the article:
U of I art on display now

everyone is drooling at the idea of seeing the Pollock. i saw it several years ago and yes, it's historically important, but.. i dunno... i'm more jazzed about the Joan Mitchell and the Yayoi Kusama. there's an amazing Motherwell on display too (saw it several years ago - very nice).

here's the list they've made public:

“Elegy to the Spanish Republic, No. 126,” Robert Motherwell
“Une Chapeau Nori sur une chaise jaune (Black Hat on a Yellow Chair),” Fernand Leger
“Edge,” Adolph Gottlieb
“Golden Enstrata,” Richard Pousette-Dart
“A Drop of Dew Falling from the Wing of a Bird Awakens Rosalie Asleep in the Shade of a Cobweb,” Joan Miro
“In a Village Near Paris (Street in Paris, Pink Sky),” Lyonel Feininger
“Spanierin (Spanish Woman or Spanish Woman with Mantilla),” Alexej von Jawlensky
“Karneval,” Max Beckmann
“The Blue Horse,” Marc Chagall
“Blue Interior with Two Girls,” Henri Matisse
“Flower Vase on a Table,” Pablo Picasso
“Red Painting No. 2,” Joan Mitchell
“Ramp,” Philip Guston
“Ocean Park, No. 17, 1968,” Richard Diebenkorn
“Abstract Painting,” Ad Reinhardt
“Red April,” Sam Gilliam
“Center Columns, Blue Red,” Leon Polk Smith
“Red No. 28,” Yayoi Kusama
“New York to Paris, No. 1, 1931,” Stuart Davis
“E,” Marsden Hartley
“Mural,” Jackson Pollock
“Portrait of H.M.,” Jackson Pollock

here are some images i've nabbed from google, in case you're unfamiliar with any of these:

Yayoi Kusama:

Robert Motherwell:

Joan Mitchell:


bob jones said...

Funny thing. I was responsible for the University of Iowa move to Chicago. That was an intense job.

Matt said...

i was going to ask if that was you guys, because i was unsure if you were still "on call" with them while now living in WI. you're like the superhero of art-rescuing. Hurricane Katrina? call bob. Iowa flooding? bob's your man.

bob jones said...

Yeah that was a CRAZY job. I nearly cut my arm off while removing pottery from the display case. Brian and I had a whole sheet of glass fall on us. Nuts. All in all it went smooth....super cool people at the museum. Funny thing...I handled that Matisse and Stuart Davis like 5 years prior. Wisconsin is good.....really no friends up this way, but I am sure that will change.

Matt said...

brian k? didn't know he did that with you. cool.