Thursday, January 8, 2009

solo show - happy surprise; Gary Justis

some art news to report:

my 2009 solo show that will take place in bloomington has been pushed back from a june—august slot to a august—october slot, and i couldn't be happier.

first off, the curator's reasoning is because she wants me to be seen by a larger audience, so that's awfully kind of her. the art buzz around a town that holds two major universities is somewhat quiet in the summer, so she's pushed back the date to coincide with the first show of the fall semester. she's a sweetheart for doing this. an extra bonus is that i'll be showing during a time that coincides with a Gary Justis show in the main gallery. gary is a well-known chicago sculptor, and an all-around good guy that teaches at Illinois State University. so, i'm quite excited for this opportunity.

the second reason an extension of time rules is because... well... i need extra time. having the adorable little one in our lives means previously open evenings are now filled by time with her — either by choice ("hey, i wanna play with my daughter") or by necessity ("man... she really isn't napping today"). because of this, time in the studio has been very rare. we've actually dealt with this decently enough, though. we've settled into a routine where twice a week (usually a friday night and then a weeknight that feels right) i head downstairs at about 10:30 or 11:00 at night, after my daughter and my wife are fast asleep, where i then paint until 1:00 or so in the morning. sometime soon, i'll have another new painting to post.

i'll leave you with a couple shots borrowed from gary's web site. enjoy.


tim roby said...

is this at the mclean county art center?

Matt said...

yeah. if you're going to be around, let me know. i'm wondering if enough people are still there, or are coming, that i might want to arrange to get a hotel room and stay overnight due to catching up over beers at Lucca or someplace. we'll see.