Monday, January 19, 2009

from out the window of a car

a dear old friend and i have been chatting on email lately. i've always considered her someone i'm tremendously close to, and we've been writing about how life goes — how a few years pass, and suddenly we find that we're both parents, homeowners, and tied to jobs, and we haven't hung out and goofed off like the kids we were in days past.

we've made some plans to take some road trips together in the future, joking that our quality time is "on sabbatical" due to geographical distance and our families. this friend is a traveler, and seeing other parts of the country is something my wife and i haven't done much in the last couple years. we miss our road trips terribly, and we're itching for some rugged outdoors stuff. if anyone knows good spots to hike and take in our country's most amazing natural expanses, it's geologist, dinosaur-digging, been on national television, superwoman Merry.

cheers, Mer. looking forward to camping, hiking, and your explanations of the geology all around us.

some images from out of the window of a car...

leaving iowa

rocky mountain national park

the outermost parts of arches national park

arches national park (okay, not shot from the car, but from my own feet... sorry to break theme...)

monument valley

returning to our beloved iowa


Moe said...

Love the photos!

Want to trade links?

Matt said...

i'm actually surprised i don't have you up here, moe. i look at your site quite often. i think i originally found it via QCI.