Thursday, November 13, 2008

this winter in the studio...

there were some new pieces i alluded to a few posts down, and i wanted to give a quick update to say i haven't finished anything quite yet. there are four new pieces i've begun — one of them being of the unrefined, dark style i mentioned in that post. but, as i've said, things are taking a while. our adjustment to having our newborn with us is making free time a rather scarce commodity for now.

for now, i can only show you one of the lighthearted paintings, still unfinished:

so far just acrylic on canvas, about 15" x 15". somewhat coming from watching my little daughter dream - kind of an imagined carpet ride to far off lands, with little creatures from fairy tales. fun stuff.

allow me to delve into the past for a short bit, as i have to post some paintings from 2005 for some people possibly interested in a purchase:

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