Wednesday, November 26, 2008

some new pieces

here are three of the new pieces i've had brewing in the studio the last month or two. i'm considering these finished. once again, forgive the odd look of the drawings' image quality. these pieces are very delicate line drawings on white paper, and they're nearly impossible to photograph well. they always turn out looking discolored, and even though i've used Photoshop daily for a decade now, i can never get things to look right with any tweaking of levels or color. so, imagine these looking a lot better in person. and click on any image for a larger view; it will help with these.

if anyone has been following this series of drawings and is curious as to what the titles refer to, josephine is the name of my paternal grandmother. she helped raise me during my youth, when my mom and dad worked long days. she's one of the strongest people i know - dealt with a husband of whom my father has told me some bad stories, and raised 7 children in a tiny 2-bedroom home. she seems to be in her last months of life, and i'm going to miss her terribly.

josephine (three)
pencil on paper
32 x 20 inches
© Matt Pulford

a detail of josephine (three)

like many newborns, my daughter dreams quite often and seemingly quite vividly. i smile inwardly as i imagine her floating around a make-believe world of colorful quilts up in the sky, with the rabbit family that lives in our back yard as her co-pilots.

Amelia and Fiver
acrylic on canvas
20 x 20 inches
© Matt Pulford

pencil on paper
24 x 16 inches

and a detail:


Chao said...

I like them. I need to buy a bigger house so I can have room to add to the collection I already have...

Jodean said...

They are wonderful. Are you hanging the quilt painting in Amelia's room? I grew up with a puppy painting that my grandmother had done when I was a baby. I still have the painting and I consider it a treasure within my art collection.

Matt said...

thanks, jodean. how's it going?

that's cool about growing up seeing a painting of your grandfather's painting every day as an infant. right now there's a piece by my friend Tonia Bonnell in amelia's room, but there iss also space on a wall by her crib... maybe i will hang it in there, since it's where she'll soon be sleeping more often.