Friday, July 4, 2008

a little further along...

i thought i'd go ahead and continue to show in-progress photos of this particular piece, just for the hell of it.

it's probably about half-way done. the usualy roller-coaster ride has happened — i've gone from feeling pretty good about it, to not feeling good about it; lather, rinse, repeat. little changes here and there will probably happen - bringing the hot spots of the clouds back to more of a white instead of a yellow-white; more evening-up of the dispersion of the sky colors around the near horizon; more development of the foreground.

although... see that Turner-esque golden glow in the mid right of the earlier version of this (in the previous post below)? that's kind of nice. maybe i'll bring some of that back.

click on the image for a larger view:

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Diane said...

Matt I really like you stuff and I have the same frustrations as you in the QC Art world. Instead of loosing shows in the Qc's I have been stepping up and running a few myself. I am the chairwomen for the LBAL show at the Arts cafe in the figge running through september. I also was asked to take over the Scarecrow row fall festival and art show in Eldridge, iowa in October. If you would like to join i would be honored to have you as part of the show. Just visit or call me Diane at 563-343-2765. Visit my website at or my work at the mid coast rivercenter venue through Ocotber.