Tuesday, July 29, 2008

collaborative show in T-minus one month

throughout the next month, i will be collaborating with several quad city artists and musicians on an installation / environment / event / "happening" that will use a portion of the Bucktown Arts Center as its venue. because this is so last-minute, this run in early september probably going to be a prototype for a more finished environment that we propose a year or so from now.

our little group:

Terry Rathje: sculptor, installation-er, professor at Western Illinois University, all-around good guy and bringer of delicious sweet corn.

Steve Banks: painter. didn't you hear? also, maker of mean flatbread pork fajitas.

Bill Campbell: composer, professor at Saint Ambrose University, film scorer. very musically intelligent. brings nothing but his own gatorade to the party.

i'll keep the small audience here posted as to what transpires. the overall piece might bring in backlit scrims that have low-tech animations of light projections, art-making/musical contraptions that beg for audience involvement, small-motor moving "scenery" and a bunch of other ideas. as you can see, it's difficult to explain, so think Ann Hamilton meets Rube Goldberg meets... a Pink Floyd show. a reception for the exhibit and a one-night special audience-participatory party goes down sometime in September. keep your eyes peeled.

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