Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweep the Leg Johnny + Faraquet

i just realized that this week i've been listening to two defunct "math rock" bands that i never got to see live.


chao, does kanoo have internet access? send him this way to see if he enjoys this stuff still. i know you guys always wanted to work on a mars volta-ish band.

so... first, chicago's Sweep the Leg Johnny. they had clean vocals, did the weird syncopation timings, sounded dark and doom-ey every once in a while, and stood out from the rest of the genre players by inserting a saxaphone as a major component of their music.

here's "Bloodlines." watch the near-end for the guitar player's epic miscalculation of the strength of a drop ceiling. ouch.

then, washington dc's Faraquet. a little cleaner of a sound; a newer band, but as i said, also defunct. i couldn't decide which video to post, so here are both of them. evidently this is filmed in Brazil somewhere?

Cut Self Not

The Fourth Introduction

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Maat B' Oenito said...

Somebody falling down is always ALWAYS hilarious.