Friday, May 9, 2008

solo exhibitions in 2009

i received notice this week that i will have a solo show in bloomington, illinois next summer. the specific dates will be June 19th - August 8th 2009, at the McLean Arts Center. Curator Alison Hatcher is as kind as ever, and generous thanks to her for pushing me to submit to the formal committee.

there's also news that i am probably in strong consideration for a show at the Catich Gallery at Saint Ambrose University. Curator Heather Lovewell is being very welcoming to me and my proposal, and says it too has to pass the formal submission process via a university committee. I was asked if I preferred a solo show or to be curated into a group show, and I honestly don't mind either way. fingers crossed for some positive news on that once the fall semester begins.

some other things in the works - i decided what the hell, i'll go ahead and propose a solo show for the 2009-10 season at Quad City Arts. i had a solo show there in 2001, so if my proposal is accepted, it will have been a while since people have seen what i've been up to here in my home town. "why not," eh?

aside from all that, the thing i am most involved in lately involves some grumblings amongst a few new art cohorts here and i about the often unorganized, insular quad city visual art scene. i think something i'm pushing for the next few years here is an group-show-only exhibition space operated by artists — something done with our own money, via our own curatorial practices, on our own terms. there are several artists here that seem to stand out from the pack of the traditional, established, rank-and-file quad city arts scene (not against them, just different from them), and we could bring in some rather strong, fresh, interesting work from all over the country. good artists from San Francisco, Denver, Edmonton, Tallahassee, Athens (OH), Peoria, and other locales could be shown amongst the work of my own and the other local artists i speak of. it's a slowly evolving idea, but we're working on it.

anyways... back to the title of the post. the shows that are actually finalized will probably have a mix of the following pieces.

as always, click on any image for a larger view.


Angela said...

congrats Matt!! make sure to send out an opening invite, i'd love to be there.

Matt said...

thanks, angela. this idea about getting Sophisticated Traveler folks like yourself into raw space shows here has turned into a bigger idea than we originally talked about. once i get some things organized with a couple of these new chums i speak of, i'll be getting in touch about bringing your work to a nice space here. might be a couple months, might be a year or more.