Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4th Annual .10K triathlon - Minneapolis 2013

Coach and I recently headed up to the Twin Cities to see Chad and D Rough for the weekend of... (echo stadium voice) the 4th Annual .10K triathlon.  If you aren't a friend of mine who's heard me talk about the shenanigans associated with this event, here's the scoop: Chad and his pals get together once a year to do 1/10th of a kilometer "triathlon" that features the traditional bike/run/swim categories thrown for a bit of a loop...

Bike: ride a little mini "strider bike" (think clown bike) a distance of about 100 feet.
Run: run a distance of about 175 feet (hairpin turn included)
Swim: do about 50 feet worth of a slip n slide

Everyone gets timed, and the organizers keep a leaderboard throughout the day.  Chad even buys used trophies and retrofits them with brand-new engraved tags for the event.  This year was fun, but the weather put a little bit of a damper on things. A forecast of 75 degrees and sunny ended up becoming 58 degrees and rainy to start the day.  Not much changed as the day progressed, but it actually didn't end up being that bad once you got wet. Towel off, eh?

Anyways... check out the following videos and photos.  I tried to film good friends plus people I knew from last year.  Also got a couple folks I didn't recognize.  For photos, I tried to get good shots of the transitions.  Some of the stills where people leave the bike behind are kind of comical.

Video 1 - My second run.  I hung in 3rd place all day, until the very last male participant of the day knocked me into 4th. listen to the group groan at the end - couldn't quite overcome my first run's time.

Video 2 - Chad's Run. 50% more head-banging than last year.

Video 3 - Coach's run.

Video 4 - Female relay.  ?? bikes, Amanda runs, and Katie swims.

Video 5 - Eli's run. Eli is 1/2 of the married duo who shot chad/lisa's wedding. good guy.

Video 6 - Taco's run. style / "grace under pressure" points.

Video 7 - I don't know who this guy was. I will call him North Coast Mankini.

Video 8 - My second shot at a relay attempt. D Rough on the bike. Me running. Dan swimming.

Video 9 - Amanda's run. she is last year's champion.

Video 10 - Chad takes my cam and films his love, D Rough. She took 1st place this year.

Video 11 - Awards Ceremony

Video 12 - Dogs rule.


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