Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stockholm - day 5

K-sweet worked all day the first and second day in Stockholm, so I was left solo to wander around downtown Stockholm and take in the sights.  Unlike our stay in Amsterdam, our Stockholm hotel was right downtown in the thick of it, so that made getting around much easier/quicker.

I took a 10 minute walk onto an island called Gamla Stan, which is the old, original “stake in the ground” location for Sweden’s new capital city way back in the day, after a ditching (due to continual looting) of the first “capital” city.  The place was very striking – lots of architecture that was older than what I saw in Amsterdam, and the island was also home to some amazing churches, as well as the Royal Palace.  Here are some pics and vids:

After spending all day in this area, I met back up with Kel and we ate some traditional Swedish food and had some beers at a nearby Pub.  Hell yes.

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