Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dr. Herman's 3rd Annual .10k Triathlon

The last couple summers, my good friend Chao has competed in an annual event that a friend of his puts on, called the .10 K Triathlon.  yeah, that's right, a POINT ten kilometer triathlon.  every time he talked about it, it sounded completely ridiculous and amazingly fun, so this year Coach and i drove up to minneapolis to participate.

the rules of the event, and the way things line up with a standard triathlon:
bike: ride a "strider" bike (think mini clown bike) about 100 feet.  throw it inside the designated discard area.
run: run about 50 feet on the sidewalk, hang a sharp right and run up the hill in Herman's front yard, run another 50 feet and then...
swim: jump onto a 20 feet slip and slide.

that's all i can say to explain things.  to witness the hilarity of this awesome day, check out these vids and pics.

course walkthrough and rules:

interview before my first run:

my first run:

my time announcement:

BLAST OFF ("Blast" = the name of some new Colt .45 combo energy drink / malt liquor.)

Coach's first (and very drunken) run:

Chao's farrah fawcett run:

halftime course repair:

halftime entertainment:

my contribution to the relay time event.  me on bike, two minneapolisians (?) on run and swim:

twin-citian Josh gets huge air on this run.  they need a big air trophy next year:

twin citian Katie and the run that won her the best style trophy (swim suit augmentation via duct tape)

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