Sunday, January 2, 2011

oh no! a 2010 wrap-up...

hi there; long time no see.

first off, here's the site for "m i d d l e s t a t e s," the group show i'm in this winter:

i'll be showing five paintings of mine, and i will doing my best to attend the opening reception (everything revolves around what the weather will be like that weekend). some old friends are in the show, as well as some artists i've never met before. it should be a great time catching up on the old and learning about the new.

now then... as you can tell, there have not been many updates here lately. i've been a little bit jaded about social networking or blogging on teh internets as of late, mainly due to the way Facebook has reduced the conversations (well, usually just the one-sided reading of posts) i have with 90% of my friends to really strange, even smug posts such as "so-and-so hates x, y, and z" (x, y, and z being completely ridiculous things to write long-winded, public gripes about). it just seems that 90% of the lengthier, more intelligent dialogue is absent from my life lately.

now that the holidays are over and done with, i hope to soon finish up a painting and a drawing that have been placed on the back burner for a month or two. and then, of course, i hope to get some real momentum moving down in the studio. this usually happens in the dead of winter, so... fingers crossed.

as far as a wrap-up on 2010 goes, i could go on and on about the details of the daily ins and outs, but there's one quick summation that covers everything: i can still count the number of really amazing close friends of mine on one hand. to each of you in the following photographs, thanks. i love you all a lot.



Chao said...

Brings a tear to me eye. Thanks for saying such nice things about us, Matt.

Matt said...

shut up i hate you.
it's been a weird year. so much about my daily routine has changed big time, and i'm wondering where all the time went. lots of adult worries about things, but it never really matters too much because i know i'll chat with you guys most days, and we'll crack up laughing about farts and video games. word.