Monday, April 28, 2008

GC5 + The Pogues

some time ago, maybe 7 years or so back, my friend jason gave me a cassette tape (yup) of a band called the GC5. they're definitely in that vein of working-class, street / oi! punk rock, and i don't own a lot of that stuff but i loved it when i got it. i really wore out the tape. a few years after that, i had the privilege of seeing them, along with the Hudson Falcons, live in chicago at the Fireside. fun fun fun. so, here you go - the GC5 and "White Flag."

So let me put up the white flag, let me surrender
Don't you fucking kick me when I'm down
You're so abusive, I'm so reclusive
I'm already beaten to the ground

you can't tell from that video, but the singers actually both have amazing voices. one of them even went on to be in a Pogues cover band. awesome. and hell... speaking of The Pogues, try to watch this and not want to go to your neighborhood pub for a beer:

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