Saturday, February 9, 2008

Intaglio print for an upcoming traveling print exhibition

today i began work on an intaglio print that will become part of a suite exchange portfolio that will travel the country to at least a couple exhibition sites. my particular print will be at least a 4-plate landscape piece. as of now, it's beginning layer is a blend-rolled flat. on top of that will be three zinc plate etchings, mostly made by removing a simple hard ground with some painterly solvent brushwork and then aquatinting that.

the edition size will be 9. paper size is 18" x 15". any medium at all can be utilized - intaglio, lithography, relief of any sort, collagraph, etcetera. the artists involved are all illinois state university art alumni, and old friends. all seven of us get one of each other's prints; one print gets framed up for the traveling exhibition; and another print gets donated as a portfolio suite that gets auctioned off to help fund our alma mater's printmaking department.

here's the roster. click on the artists' names for their individual web sites:

Amy Schmierbach, Kansas
Melissa Haviland, Ohio
Matt Pazzol, Ohio
Tonia Bonnell, Colorado
Mike Hornyak, California
Erik Waterkotte, Minnesota
and of course, myself, Iowa.

i have to give a hearty thanks to Kat Anderson of Saint Ambrose University for coming up with the "work exchange" arrangement that allows me to print at the university. i truly appreciate it tons.

if you're curious about my piece, i haven't even pulled any proofs yet. i can, however, post a pic of the four plates. click on the image below for a larger view. and in case you're wondering, the order of printing runs clockwise from top left.


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