Monday, November 12, 2007

Rest in Peace, Kevin Battles

this past monday, i received an email from an old coworker, stating that a friend (another ex-coworker) had passed away. after one full week of waiting for an official death notice in either the chicago tribune or the chicago sun-times, i still haven't seen anything, and that makes me almost as sad as i had been when i heard the news of his passing.

kevin was our Adler mailroom clerk. everyone knew the guy and loved the guy. he was put through a lot of shit in his role - surrounded by some people who treated him like a peon - but he remained a class act and worked his ass off while making lots of his coworkers laugh.

every morning kevin would come into my office and catch up with me. every day he made me laugh... the guy had the best smile and laugh.

i was an iowa kid whose brother and sister were farmers, but grew up to be a "punk rocker" artist; you were the south side cubs fan who loved to get away from shit by watching a baseball game or occasionally going fishing. no wonder we got along so well. so here you go, kev. we all loved you tons. i miss you, buddy.

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