Wednesday, September 12, 2007

busy busy busy busy

it's been go time this week and last. getting things straight for a faculty exhibit at The Figge. trying to get this Sophisticated Traveler + Friends show rolling somewhere in rock island this december. busy busy. i can't decide if this comes off as hippy-dippy or erudite:

Teaching Philosophy
I’d have to say one of the most important aspects of teaching is being a good listener. Whether it be simple craft classes with young children in a studio setting or advanced art theory seminars at the university level, the best art dialogue happens when the “teacher” listens to the questions, opinions, and reservations of the “student.” A student’s questioning of “why?” or “why not?” is the catalyst that spawns critical thinking and a truly interesting dialogue on the creation of and discussion of art.

Our experiences with the arts —being moved by a painting, listening to the most touching music, or seeing an incredible theatrical piece — are the places where we feel the most free and autonomous. A studio instructor can teach the ways of a finely honed skill, but he or she should always remember to never stifle a student’s creative journey with absolutes such as “this is wrong.”

ah well. it will suffice for the show. shout out to chad, because no one else reads this!

here's some Limp Wrist. straight edge queer-core. i met Martin (singer) back in the Los Crudos days. nicest guy in the world.

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